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The outside has plenty of carbon too – the entire roof is a one-piece unit, lopping 6kg off the kerbweight alone. The BMW M3 E46 CSL. the steel  irst introduced on the E46 M3 CSL, E63 M6 and E92 M3 a carbon roof was an excellent way to shed Huge weight saving off the highest point on the car BMW M3 CSL [E46] The BMW M3 CSL (Coupe Sport Leichtbau) was a limited edition The CSL features many weight saving technologies taken from BMW's Formula For example, the roof is constructed from carbon fiber reinforced plastic. com FREE DELIVERY possible on GruppeM Exhaust System BMW M3 E46 01-05. 5lbs ONLY. 2) abad46 was at the track this past Thursday. Other Part Number: BMW E46 M3 CARBON FIBER BUMPER. Even more weight savings couldn't be a bad thing. 0 32 8 WP Pro Front 350x28mm 2pc Brake Rotor Upgrade BMW M3 E46. Roof - This can be replaced with the CSL type carbon fiber roof which will save in excess of 23kg's. -Factory sunroof alone weighs about 15lbs. The BMW M3 is a high-performance version of the BMW 3 Series, developed by BMW's . The M4's roof has been laser scanned and digitally measured, the surface was then re-designed and modified to fit the M2's unique body shape and proportions. Quality parts with the attention to detail that you would expect from HARD Motorsport. Our company was founded by genuine automotive aficionados, and debuted in the automotive aftermarket industry in 2003. This set was used for 1 track day. was the car optimised over a normal E46 M3 to save that weight? to try and get that weight saving but maybe not at the same cost? May 30, 2011 BMW M3 E46 CSL is considered to be one of the cars BMW has ever built, a true The signature differentiation is the Carbon Fiber reinforced roof panel As a final weight-saving measure, the rear window glass is extra thin. Evosport first punched out the factory roof panel and sunroof assembly and replaced it with a pure carbon fiber panel supplied by Vorsteiner. Buy 312 MOTORING fits 2001-2005 MAZDA TRIBUTE CARBON FIBER ROCKER TRIM MOLDINGS 2PC 2002 2003 2004 01 02 03 04 05: Side - Amazon. FEATURES: Fits all BMW E46 M3 vehicles (2000-2006) Improves power and throttle response Saves weight from the vehicle versus factory restrictive cats View Photos & Details of a 2006 USED BMW M3 E46 M3 ZCP COUPE COMPETITION PACKAGE VORSTEINER UPGRADES located in Pompano Beach, FL at Exclusive Auto Imports | Carbon Black Metallic Official BMW M3 / M4 Specs: 430HP, 369+ LB-FT, Under 3306 Pounds, Bi-Turbo Inline 6 AF Newsdesk September 25, 2013. "The new Manual M Sport Seats (M3 Sedan, Coupe) offer the same adjustments as the previous electric seats but with manual adjustment in order to save weight (approximately 5kg per seat) and expense when power memory seats are not required. The arrival of a new M3 is always eagerly awaited and for the E46 it came at the end of 2000. How much does an OEM e46 hood weigh and were is a good place to purchase a The M3 CSL uses a carbon fiber roof to lower the car's effective weight of the M3 Seibon Carbon Trunk Install on BMW E92 M3 Aero & Body Seibon Carbon Trunk Install on BMW E92 M3 - Vorshlag Motorsports Forum Vorshlag Motorsports Forum > Product Details (READ ONLY) > Aero & Body CARBON FIBER CONSTRUCTION CFRP drive shaft 40% weight savings over previous M3 increased stiffness reduced rotating mass for better acceleration and throttle response CFRP roof for both M3 and M4 saves 11 pounds (5kg) on M3 saves more than 13. Weight reduction measures included a carbon fibre front bumper, rear  Another fairly large weight savings here, but quite possibly at the expense of comfort. com/e46-carbon-roof/ Hi, I'm curious about actual weight of E46 M3. -- Thanks our sponsors Hi-Speed E46 M3 weight reduction - how much can I loose? Carbon roof (on the to list) from a 997gt3 and although the porsche was a better track car out of the box i was surprised at how good the BMW E46 Roof Skin Another popular product designed to reduce weight from the highest point of the chassis thus improving handling, braking and acceleration due to lowering the cars centre of gravity. It’s just desirable because it’s rare IMO. The BMW E90 M3  I know that some members here replaced your roof to carbon fibre. Any thread or arguments about saving 11 pounds, if that's the only weight being discussed, is almost as much a waste of time as expecting a carbon roof to make a difference in performance. (That said, a new E92 M3 MSRPs for more than twice the MSRP of my M3 from 1995, so maybe it will take a bit longer. Those changes included minor interior trim pieces and LED rear tail-lights. It was a time consuming process but worth the weight savings we'll have when we attach the new roof. Weight And too much is the performance cars enemy. The CSL is a further tuned special model using the E46 3 series model M3 as a weight reduction by utilizing a carbon roof and other lightweight materials. Removing weight from the highest point on your car with a 100% Carbon Fiber roof panel is a huge performance advantage. 40% weight savings over previous M3; WILL NOT FIT CSL BUMPER OR MTECH BUMPER. Our carbon roof is a replacement item, the steel skin is removed. In five to ten years, the carbon fiber roof will be a must-have option for anyone looking into an E92 M3. Is this a major upgrade over an F80 M3? But in the end I chose the M3 as it was a car that I have always loved even as a kid, I had to have it so I pulled the trigger making this the third e46 I would own! And then the real fun began… introducing Manny’s Mental E46 M3. ) My daily driver and E36 M3 have a sunroof, and I would trade them for a carbon fiber roof any day. Year 2006 Make BMW Model 3 Series 2Dr (Carbon csl trunk is on my to do list regardless, painted of course) 6) Aftermarket lightweight exhaust for both performance and weight savings, that one is self explanatory. BMW's last M3 coupe It also has a carbon-fiber roof, which is more for show than any real weight savings. Performance is everything, but it's also hard to ignore the stunning visual impact of a one-piece carbon fiber wheel. Mar 16, 2014 If you want the ultimate M3, you've got to have the M3 CSL's carbon fiber roof for the most weight savings where it matters – up top. This roof was designed based on the CSL roof for weight savings and performance styling. BMW Superchargers, BMW Supercharger Kits - BMW parts KO Performance is the most comprehensive source online or off for BMW superchargers. 5 pounds, saving around 40 pounds alone over the factory section. 7 lbs. 5 lbs. @Carbon, your observation is 100% correctit is indeed a seam welded tube. Our trained staff will h BMW E46 Three Series - M3. These substantial weight savings are immediately apparent in the handling and precision of both cars. This is a huge weight savings over the aluminum M3 hood at 23. Being 110 kg lighter than the standard M3 model The E46 M3 seems so have almost every panel catered for (not always to the most asthetically pleasing outcome, vents and cut outs everywhere ) yet I've only seen the coup in race guise with any carbon on, and as schweet as it looks it's not really to my taste. The regular RS has a pretty light magnesium roof, the carbon one shaves 1. Textured of 3K twill weave real carbon fiber. We have a used set of WP Pro 2pc brake rotors for the BMW M3 E46 with the CSL brakes. This carbon is not for style points. See more of the PTG on StanceWorks. 00% off (You Save $180. -Factory roof is fully replaced with our piece and installed with a few rivets and glue. BTW: The weight savings thread was one of the best we've add. The E46 M3 was not to disappoint the faithful, unless they wanted a four door saloon or touring. Find great deals on eBay for bmw e46 m3 carbon fiber roof. The car has no sunroof and there is little weight saving, it would be  Weight conscious. 0 32 18 VRS Vented Race Hood Carbon Fiber Single Sided Black 19. 1 lbs off the top, not too much, more of a cosmetic and marketing thing. Our products are stylish and functional. _____ Carbon Fiber Front Lip with Chassis Mounted Brackets ($1000) E46 Race Dash in FRP or Carbon (Starts at $995) M3 GTR Hood Vents in Carbon ($500) BBS E88 Motorsport Wheels in M3 GTR Fitment, 18x10 & 18x11 ($6500) M3 GTR Trunk Mounted Uprights and Brackets ($1200) 12K Carbon Endplates ($750) Carbon Fiber Roof ($1500) OMP Alu 320 Steering Wheel ($330) BMW's 'Leichtbau' philosophy in terms of the mass-produced M3 was, not only to reduce weight overall but to distribute the weight savings to retain the E46 3-Series' perfect 50-50 split. Lighter carpet and some minor interior stuff shave off another pound. Exterior BMW body and aero parts can provide your BMW with everything from maximum aerodynamic performance gains to parts required by certain race-sanctioning bodies as well as premium-quality OEM body parts that will make your BMW look as great as it performs. We realized that there was a demand for top-quality, durable carbon fiber components among other like-minded enthusiasts, and we set out to create the best products in the industry. The M3 maintains an impressive power-to-weight ratio thanks to its Carbon Fiber roof and engine brace. Shop with confidence. Weight savings is approximately 21 oz (600 grams 1. Model Number : MR-ABE-BE46M30E-BC Megan Racing's Supremo Exhaust System is a good and easy way to add performance and looks to your BMW 3-Series E46 M3. The last thing I did was swap out the power heated fancy M3 passenger seat with a base model manual no option seat, this was good for 19lbs worth of savings. The weight for the "large case" E46 M3 unit is above, at 100. Megan Racing Carbon Fiber Roof speed manual transmission, a weight reduction of about 180 lbs versus the former generation model E92 M . M3 in Phoenix yellow, a very popular colour in the UK. -Only weights about 7. I'm currently doing the same thing with a local wholesale company on creating a full wet carbon kit. Like the E46 M3 CSL and E92 M3, the roof is replaced with carbon fiber because it is the highest point of a car and reducing weight is essential to help cornering and lateral G force. Rotors are in good working condition and show minor stress. The owner of this Space Gray E92 M3 wanted to keep most of his car original, while tweaking it with his own personal tastes. 2015 BMW M3 is fast for the family man. Fabspeed's Sport Cats for the BMW M3 E46 offers significant performance increases and weight savings vs. With the standard six-speed manual, the M3 carries a curb weight of 3,540 pounds, and the M4 tips the scales at 3,530 pounds, which is lighter than the old M3 sedan at 3,726 pounds and M3 coupe at FABSPEED BMW M3 E46 Sport Catalytic Converters. As a bookend, it rounds out 40,000 such M3 coupes produced since 2007, along with First introduced on the E46 M3 CSL, E63 M6 and E92 M3 a carbon roof was an excellent way to shed pounds of the highest point on the car. The fan favorite, E46 M3, brought huge recognition to the CSL style trunks (boot lid) to customers worldwide. Some interesting posts here and I too am getting obsessive re making my M3 lighter. I'd be looking at it purely as a weight down part. The OEM metal roof weighs in at 18. helix402. . Find great deals on eBay for e46 sunroof carbon. Dramatically reducing weight in an 911-SC. The car was available only as a coupe or convertible this time. IMO this will only be slightly more weight than a carbon roof, with minimal side effects that might happen the other way. The new roof weighs just 6. Jun 14, 2013 Like the carbon fibre roof – there had been pre-development projects from BMW before. Rear Hatch Cover - This can be removed and replaced with carbon fiber alternative. Some will say it is due to weight but 1% of the people that say that will ever be putting the car into a scenario where that weight savings matter. Check them out at http://www. Give your E36 interior a fresh, unique, finished appearance similar to BMW Motorsport Factory race cars. 00 : 1994-1997 Acura Integra 2Dr/4Dr Dragster Front Lip $270. Here's a photo of most of the junk that's no longer on the car. 4,731 posts. This info is from BMW themselves. The fourth generation BMW M3 was announced on the 2007 Geneva Auto Show (Switzerland, March 6–18th, 2007) with the BMW M3 concept. Saving all of this weight up top greatly lowers the center of gravity of your vehicle, yielding significant performance benefits. E46 M3 weight reduction - how much can I loose? Carbon boot Carbon roof Carbon front bumper as i have another full weight e46 m3 as a daily. 9ft Carbon Fiber PU Car Spoiler/Roof/H atch Gate See more like this PSDesigns BMW E46 M3 Carbon Fibre FABSPEED BMW M3 E46 Performance Package. <br /> <br /> Designed as a direct bolt-on to The development of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer was paramount in the development of both the F82 M4 and the F80 M3. -This roof is the best way to gain huge weight savings where it matters on the top of the car. The name is beyond me right now but I believe he's working with Seibon. 1200 units will be produced (do not believe BMW when they tell you they will keep a model limited) and roughly 550 will come to the US. Now on the e9x and f8x it is a bit different because non sunroof cars come with a carbon fiber roof that looks awesome. Great to use for the street. 4 pounds. Also I might change the rear window, and the rear side window with lightweight ones. I don't think I'll see much in weight savings but I love the look. Brandon Turkus. Molded to fit original roof outline and reuses stock factory mounting locations. If you want the ultimate M3, you’ve got to have the M3 CSL’s carbon fiber roof for the most weight savings where it matters – up top. BMW had of course already used advanced composites in the construction of their M cars for many years, but the use of a bare carbon fiber roof made a unique statement that set the M brand apart forever. With an empty weight of 1,520 kilograms or 3,350 lbs, the new M3 Sedan is also lighter than its predecessor, by close to 190 lbs. The curb weight of the 2000 M3 coupe is 1,570 kg (3,461 lb). M division junked the M3’s electric seats, replacing them with glassfibre buckets, and was generous with the carbonfibre on almost every visible surface. BMW's 'Leichtbau' philosophy in terms of the mass-produced M3 was, not only to reduce weight overall but to distribute the weight savings to retain the E46 3-Series' perfect 50-50 split. MAY REQUIRE BACK TRIMMING OUT TO SIT FLUSH. 99 15. 89 g for the coupe and 0. 00 ) A total savings of 15. For 2009, the E9x M3 received a model refresh commonly referred to as a LCI (Life Cycle Impulse) by BMW. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases -This roof replacement is designed for the BMW 2dr and M3 3-series E46 01-06. 2 pounds (6kg) on M4 CFRP roof bow Carbon fiber trunk for M4 (11 pounds (5kg) weight savings) CFRP BMW E46 M3 2 DOOR REAR SPOILER CSL STYLE CARBON FIBRE. It's still nearly a 50lb seat but $/lb it was a more attractive option for my budget. Just like the E46 CSL model, the M4 will have a CFRP roof with a brand new The development of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer was paramount in the development of both the F82 M4 and the F80 M3. there is the trade off, of now NOT having the ability to fit 4 in the M3, thus reducing . The total weight of the N52 is, in part, reduced by the lighter camshafts. The only benefit from a carbon roof is to the person who really thinks it's better for his or her M3. front splitter is made of exposed carbon fiber, as has the restyled "Gurney Flap" at the rear. To get the centre of gravity as low as possible, the CSL adopted many weight saving technologies from BMW's Formula One racing applications. 00-05 BMW 325i E46 M3 OEM sunroof sun roof actuator motor factory 67 But you'll also find hardcore motorsport items such as ultra light weight carbon fiber body panels, sunroof delete panels, Lexan windows, and headlight delete housings. Mechanically, the car is For the first time, BMW reduced the M3’s weight by several hundred pounds, aided by the use of aluminum for various body panels and carbon fiber for the roof and the driveshaft. 5 pounds). The skid pad cornering results are 0. Our sunroof delete panel, weighing in at approximately 3lbs, provides a flush filler for removing the entire sunroof cassette - a modification that yields 30lbs or more in weight savings. Nov 7, 2017 The M3 CS is a limited sports sedan with 453 hp. 9 pounds and replaces the entire roof skin. 2006 OFFICIAL WEIGHT CHARTS PRODUCT BMW E46 M3 COUPE/ CARBIO Weight (lbs) OEM Weight (lbs) Weight Savings VRS Vented Race Hood Carbon Fiber Double Sided Black 14. First on the list was Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust system, which is renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship, its extreme weight savings and its notable power gains. Can order new discs and hardware if needed later on. BMW gets some things right which is the quoted 110 pound weight loss. All of these weights are complete housings with the factory rear covers, factory gears, and factory differential units. For example, I jump out of the BMW and into the Griff ( @ circa 1060 KGs ) and drive it on the same route and the difference is staggering. 1 s for the coupe, with either the manual or SMG-II transmission. The Time lapse video CF roof thread has exact weights from stock to the Lang Maximum PSI Turbo | Carbon Fiber Roof Time Lapse  M3 owners will benefit the most from weight reduction. '03 E46 M3 '57 356A There is quite a bit of weight savings there, but those metal bumpers are safer. Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber Roof Panel - e46 m3 ///M3 Forum 2001-2006 BMW 3 Series E46 M3 X Height Adjustable Coilover Suspensions MSRP Price $1,199. BMW concentrated on weight and high revs. Our Hood has a semi-finished underside, which allows you to retain the HVAC inlet if you choose, or select our HVAC cover option to close the opening. So for weight savings, a sunroof deletion, motor, etc Leaving just the skin there, then put the headliner back and finish it up to make it look good again. This ECS E46 Sunroof Delete/Filler Panel - Carbon Fiber (Mfg#0787981ECS03) fits BMW E46 323Ci, BMW E46 323i, BMW E46 325Ci, BMW E46 325i, BMW E46 325xi, BMW E46 328Ci, BMW E46 328i, BMW E46 330Ci, BMW E46 330i, BMW E46 330xi, BMW E46 M3. The E46 M3 is powered by the S54 straight-six engine and has a 0–100 km/h (0–62 mph) acceleration time of 5. Both transmissions are connected to the rear differential via a carbon fiber prop shaft, another place that weight is saved. Find great deals on eBay for e46 carbon fibre bonnet. . 99 Our Price $1,019. Wheels Mag grabbed one of the purest M cars BMW ever made, an E46 M3 CSL, All of this is combined with some high-tech weight savings, such as a carbon fiber roof. As was the case with the E46 M3 Concept and E60 M5 Concept, the M3 Concept hid almost nothing of the looks of the production version, that had its world premiere on the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show IAA(Germany, September 13 to 23rd). Carbon roofs on M cars for quite awhile now, since the E46 M3 CSL, E9X M3 etc. 1999-2001 Toyota Solara 2Dr Octane Full Kit $656. the BMW factory with a carbon fiber roof as standard option. abad46's former roof had some fitment issues with the moldings, but no longer the case with the Evolve CF Roof. 5 lbs, or a steel non-M3 hood at 44. Stunning spoiler. If I am not mistaken, Chromoly tubing is extruded as opposed to seam welded hence the cost. As a BMW fan for 12 years and my dad owns a 3 Series E46 (which I use a lot since now my dad has his own company car), a certain car is on my top list. FEATURES: Fits all BMW E46 M3 vehicles (2000-2006) High performance headers replace the restrictive factory headers for increased exhaust flow A BMW M3 comes in around 3500 lb, and that's a car with lots of weight reduction components compared to regular 3 series (aluminum door, less sound insulation, carbon fiber drive shaft and etc), plus it doesn't have a huge battery under the car. This continued with the E90 and F80 M cars as well. So, what sort of weight savings are you looking at with the carbon roof? the weight saving is achieved by unbolting the sunroof cassette, it's all one piece and probably weights 35lbs, there is no weight saved with the carbon roof, it weights a little less than the metal roof you remove, so it is done purely for the look. Trunk - Can be replaced with lightweight carbon fiber trunk. Buy products related to e46 m3 carbon fiber products and see what customers say about e46 m3 carbon fiber products on Amazon. Just like the E46 CSL model, the M4 will have a CFRP roof with a brand new HARD Motorsport Lightweight Door Panels in your BMW E36 M3 and non-M Coupe. Has anyone of you weighted your car on a scale? Today, while I was looking at my friend's M3 Manual book, I saw the weight is 1570 kg which I read on several car magazines but the manual also says 1570 kg with a driver (75kg) and 90% fuel tank without any option. The E46 M3 is powered by the S54 straight-six engine and has a 0– 100 km/h a roof constructed from carbon fibre reinforced plastic (reducing curb weight by 7 . Fabspeed's Performance Package for the BMW M3 E46 offers significant performance increases and weight savings vs. , In Stock 100% guarantee. I was asking about the weight savings of this carbon fiber roof vs. But it's more than just a branding exercise. As with every M3, power for the M3/M4 is channeled into the ground The E92 M3 coupe inherited a carbon-fiber roof similar to the one used on the E46 CSL. I’m sure I am How much weight can be shaven from E46 M3? I am thinking of replacing the hood (bonnet?)trunklid, roof (like CSL), and if I am able to also the doors with lightweight carbonfiber ones. The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. The BMW housings are heavier because they are cast steel - which is stronger than aluminum - but what usually breaks is the actual ring gear. E46 Sunroof delete fiberglass version in automotive primer. The E92 M3 coupe inherited a carbon-fiber roof similar to the one used on the E46 CSL. A more extreme version will be released: the M3 CSL (for “Light Sport Coupe”), which saw its power increased to 360 hp with a weight reduced by a little over a hundred pounds, through the use of lightweight materials, like the carbon fiber roof. I love my M3 but i would love to get it down closer to 3000 lbs without sacrificing too much. Manual seats are 5kg lighter per seat than the electric ones. the weight savings and BMW E46 M3 CSL: Carbon front bumper, Carbon front bumper splitters, Carbon Kevlar bumper carrier (also in the normal e46 M3), one of the first cars with a carbon roof, carbon Motorsport airbox plenum for the ITBs, Carbon door panels, carbon interior trim, carbon center console, carbon cabin air filter housing, carbon diffuser. We pride ourselves on our great service. Roof - This can be replaced with the CSL type carbon fiber roof which will save in  But later Vorsteiner released moonroof cut out C/F roof for E46M3. This is a huge weight savings over even an aluminum M3 hood or a steel non-M hood (44. 1999-2006 2001 BMW E46 M3 With Original M3 Bumper Only. The total weight of the camshafts has been reduced by approximately 25% using “hydroforming” technology during the manufacturing process. 4. If your M3  It's relatively well known that BMW E92 M3s have a carbon fiber roof, which was first released on the BMW E46 M3 GTR and E46 M3 CSL. Cars with sunroof can easily weight over 20kg at the highest point. RKP's M2 roof panel is constructed from 100% hand laid carbon fiber, weighing in at 7. The F80 generation was only offered as a sedan (coupe and convertible models were rebranded as the M4). If your M3 has a sunroof you can either replace the entire roof with a carbon fiber skin like the CSL or replace the factory sunroof with a carbon fiber panel insert. Substantial weight savings over stock systems achieved with titanium raw materials. the factory system. At first glance it’s clear to see that this German beast is not stock. The new Agency Power trunk is carbon fiber construction on both top and underside for a complete show finish. This roof panel weighs only 6. 81 g for the convertible. 00% Please Select Shipping Option : Your BMW 3-Series is fast, make it look the part too with ground effects or a body kit, and individual components like scoops, rear spoilers, diffusers, and more. German tuners MR Car Design and Reil Performance which introduces a bespoke version of the E46 M3 CSL. ajhartmanracing. @Moranor, I concur about the cage - besides the weight savings that Chromoly tubing offers, there are no other real benefits. 0 32 13 VRS Vented Race Hood DVWP (*Optional VRS Carbon Fiber Vents Available) 24. I see a ton of weight that can be lost and these things are pretty piggy. After I finally secured some days off from work and much savings later, I immediately booked a train ticket, a hotel room and a tour around the campus. 00 : 2004-2008 Mazda Rx-8 2Dr Magnum Front Bumper Polyurethane After years of research and development, Carbon Revolution has released a product that exceeds the performance requirements of industry-standard tests, while delivering unparalleled weight savings and the associated benefits. E46Fanatics is the premiere website for BMW 3-series owners around the world with interactive forums, geographical enthusiast directory, photo galleries, technical information and an invaluable resource into the minds of true BMW enthusiasts. All of our carbon fiber products are made with consistent weave on these parts combined with professional clear coating. Born from the minds of true enthusiasts, RKP offers the absolute highest quality carbon fiber components for your BMW. The stock stereo, amp, and subwoofer enclosure can also net a good savings in weight. For wet carbon, I know atleast of one other member completely CFing their car. We offer the largest selection of BMW supercharger kits and BMW supercharger applications, at the lowest prices. 5lbs. CFRP and carbon fiber make this possible namely with weight savings coming from the hood and roof. Our special chemical polymer is made to ensure the optimal combination of flexibility, durability and weight savings. BimmerWorld race carbon parts are designed first and foremost to be functional by reducing weight and lowering lap times. 5lbs, giving you a 60% weight savings. Will fit BMW E46. The CFRP roof brings weight savings of five kilograms in the case of the compare to E46 M3 at ~3,400 lb curb weight; compare to E92 M3 at ~3,600  The third-generation E46 M3 debuted in 2000 and was the first to offer an automatic a carbon fiber roof similar to the E46 M3 CSL that was only available in Europe. Deals & Savings. Jan 13th 2014 at 11:57AM The CFRP roof brings weight savings of five kilograms (11 lbs) in the case of the BMW M3 Carbon roof as a - CSL Style carbon fiber trunk - Full Replacement, OEM specification and fitment with original carpet, tool kits and lights - High quality real carbon fiber with clear coat - UV protected - Weight savings - Professionally crafted Available in 1x1 and 2x2 carbon fiber Fitment: BMW E92 328 335 Coupe BMW E92 M3 Coupe So, what sort of weight savings are you looking at with the carbon roof? the weight saving is achieved by unbolting the sunroof cassette, it's all one piece and probably weights 35lbs, there is no weight saved with the carbon roof, it weights a little less than the metal roof you remove, so it is done purely for the look. It was the first M3 to get a carbon fiber roof. An aluminum hood and front wheel  Sep 24, 2013 The launch of the new BMW M3 Sedan and new BMW M4 Coupe sees BMW Large air intakes at the front end, exposed carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic . Other weight saving measures include the removal of sound deadening  Tremendous weight savings with stock door operation! Full-carbon, extremely light and strong hood for E46 M3 E46 M3 Carbon Headlight Left Duct Insert. The demoulding steps of one of our E46 carbon fiber roofs. I think it'll be difficult to bring the Model 3 under Product : 1999-2006 BMW 3 Series E46 2001-2003 M3 Convertible AF-1 Trunk Lid ( CFP ) - 1 Piece Product Description A very strong and lightweight fibre-reinforced polymer which contains woven strands of carbon fibre. Video: 4 reasons why you want to own a BMW M3 E46. I think most of the weight savings on the car side comes from the carbon sway bars, something like 11-12 lbs. 3 lb) per camshaft compared to the outgoing M54. Cutting the roof off the E46 to prepare it for a carbon roof. It saves approximately 15kgs and looks great too. And This Hood is an exact replica of the OEM M3 hood, but it only weighs 9. Bmw E36 318is E46 M3 E46 Touring Formula Drift E36 Coupe Bmw Performance Driving School Bmw 3 Series Bmw E36 Drift We take a close look at the PTG and its unbelievably successful racing history. If you want delivery included in your purchase, select “Please contact us for shipping rate” in your cart, fill out your delivery details, “Proceed to check out” and “Place Order”. Background. 1) All the window moldings and roof rails fit perfectly! This can be seen in the photos below, except for the roof rails since those were not installed at the time I shot the pics. e46 m3 carbon roof weight savings